In a heavy gunfight..

In a heavy gunfight the author, Jason – Yashi – Remmers, was shot to death and brought back alive a little later. During his ‘disconnection’ from life he had a mystic experience, which was determining for his knowledge and his future life. And that’s where the mind-blowing adventurous story of the novels is based on.

Part 1

From the second up to the penultimate chapter the reader can follow what happens from the viewpoint of a young man named Edward Zolfer. But on the whole the narrative is not about him. It is about what he discovers by means of what happens to him, what he understands he has to do with it and what it means for the world he believed he lived in. It requires some patience from the reader, since a bit before the second half of the book it just starts to become exciting. From then, the reader will understand that attentively reading the first half of the book was indispensable to fully comprehend all that follows by means of Edward’s mind-blowing adventures. During reading the book there’s very little down to no chance there could be expected the profoundness of what it is all about before the reader did commence with it (as far as the reader is able to grasp it) – regardless of this ‘warning’.

Part 2

The sequel is written from the viewpoint of Enrique. That could be expected from the end of Part 1, and also that he has to participate in the assignment to finish one of the biggest present problems in the world; that of North Korea. How to prevent a nuclear missile attack from North Korea, and so World War 3 as well? It’s the biggest operation of The Bosatsu Mission Force so far, and Enrique has to do the hardest part of it, while he’s still a rookie. But he’s the only male member of the team who speaks Korean. Containing humor, drama, romance, action, suspense and, above all, valuable knowledge and divine wisdom, the novel takes the reader through a mind-blowing adventure.

Part 3

Preventing IS attacks in the US and Europe, with nukes supplied by Putin, and even an entire extra-terrestrial human race of another, faraway located planet from becoming annihilated, the challenging tasks for the Bosatsu Mission Force in this final Part of the trilogy exceeds those of the previous two. The scientific treatise part contains detailed explanations about all cosmological and other profound mysteries.

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